Rih Rih/Nine ball style capture – Ocean’s 8


Our Ocean’s 8 crew. Photography by Kayla Klein Photography

Joining this body pos Ocean’s 8 remake crew, I was honored to rep the bad gyal herself. This project was all about being my best self, honestly. Rihanna plays a hacker named Nine ball. Riri and I are the same age and I’ve never felt more “Rih” in my life. I’ve been been happy and embracing the newlywed pounds I’ve been putting on.

The character selection here was spot on. Nine ball’s style is what I like to call “Hood hacky sack chic”. I had the description ready because this is essentially my weekend gear. I AM ABOUT THIS LIFE, FOLKS. I took a step outside of my comfort zone by turning the cami (c/o FullBeauty Brands/Roaman’s) into a crop but otherwise, this is an outfit you would see me in while grocery shopping or doing laundry or just breathing because I love it that much.


Image Credit: GC Images/Warner Bros


I’ve been in love hibernation lately so being able to link up with so many of my faves at once was awesome. As I go/grow through transitions, I am grateful to be surrounded by dope supportive women.


With Ashby Vose. Photography by Kayla Klein Photography


Photography by Kayla Klein Photography

Roaman’s came through with a super cute top (Fullbeauty/Roaman’s Strappy cami) and jacket (Fullbeauty/Roaman’s anorak jacket). Woodland BDU pants and Docs are my own but similar here (Woodland BDU pants) and here (Dr. Martens). Kayla (Kayla Klein Photography) is incredible! I can’t believe that’s me!


Photography by Kayla Klein Photography


Photography by Kayla Klein Photography

Shout out to Steph who doubled as Awkwafina’s character Constance as well as our MUA for my full face of Fenty Beauty as well as my partner in crime for the silliness/bonus BTS footage below.




Photography by Kayla Klein Photography

Jonquel as the mastermind, Debbie Ocean
Marlena as the jeweler, Amita
Shalee as the right hand, Lou
Faith as the celebrity, Daphne
Me as the hacker, Nine-ball
Tan as the designer, Rose
Ashby as the fence, Tammy
Stephanie as the thief, Constance

Disclaimer:  This sponsored project was not conducted in association with the Ocean’s 8 film.  Items were gifted for feature, but all opinions are my own.


The bearer of good news (6. Be a better parent)

7 years ago, I gave birth to the most precocious child I’ve ever met. Her name means “bearer of good news” and she is living up to it. She brightens the day of every person she meets. Eva has taught me to take myself less serious. She holds me accountable (I like dessert for breakfast. Judge me, idc). She is my personal stylist and gift from the universe.

I could not be more proud of her. Eva spends her free time thinking of ways to make people smile. Her love of all things fashion and art never ceases to impress me. She is strong, beautiful and ambitious. If I’ve done anything right in this lifetime, it’s raise this awesome kid.

Happy birthday, my sweet Evangeline!