Influencer/Day Job Crossover


Influencer Resumé Party_367

Photo by  Gwladys of @SoGwladys

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been missing for so long…

The gig is up. I really love my day job and it requires. I currently work as a HR Director in the entertainment industry. Prior to entertainment, I worked in luxury fashion. I’ve been in HR for over 10 years. When it wasn’t a full time job, it was my freelance gig. Needless to say, I’ve seen a LOT of resumes. While I was building my freelance clientele, my biggest challenge was finding an appropriate place to meet clients. Meeting at Starbucks is no longer the wave. Needless to say, I was ECSTATIC to learn about Meet In Place. Marlena (of Big City, Curvy Girl, Thin Wallet) hosted an Influencer Resume Party and I was honored to present. I’ve been looking for a place to hold resume workshops and it looks like I found one. Thank you Meet In Place! 

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Photo by Gwladys of @SoGwladys

Here are my top 5 tips for job hunting:


Replace your objective with a summary

Recruiters know you are looking for a job because you applied. You do not need to tell us that you’re looking for “a position that will utilize my skills and provide opportunities for growth”. Use this prime resume real estate for your summary. A recruiter should be able to read your summary and know who you are and what you’d be a good fit for.


Quantify your experience

Your resume bullets should be short and sweet. Recruiters and hiring managers need to know what you have done and what you are capable of. For example: Answered 45 calls per hour in a high volume call-center customer service role while maintaining a 97% quality assurance score.


Research the organization and industry

Employers in New York City CANNOT ask you what you are currently making (this is illegal). However, they can ask you what you expect to make in that role. Some industries pay more than others. Glassdoor is a great resource but should not be your sole source. Remember: Old Navy does not pay as much as Gucci. You should have a good idea of the organization’s values and structure prior to the interview.


Act quickly

Apply as soon as you see the posting! The most visible applicants apply within the first 24 hours. Most applications come in over the weekend. If that is the only time you have to apply, make sure you take the extra step to make contact with the organization to stand out. LinkedIn is the best way to reach out to recruiters or hiring managers.


Know who you are professionally

As you gain experience, you should be developing your professional persona and skill set. What are your goals? What kind of organization would you like to work for? What kind of work is most rewarding to you? Your resume should be a living document that helps prepare you for this position. Know who you are professionally and stay the course (to the best of your abilities).


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Photo by Gwladys of @SoGwladys



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