Blogger Boo Staycation- Day 1 (#21. Socialize More)

It’s not often I get time to socialize and build relationships. I have a lot on my plate and rarely prioritize fun. When I was asked to take part in this staycation, I was honored and elated. Added bonus: It was Marcy‘s birthday! I joined Marlena, Nanthale, Jonquel and Fabiola in a weekend of knowledge, fun and relaxation.

(From left to right: Nanthale, Me, Marcy, Marlena, Jonquel & Fabiola)

We kicked off the weekend in our FullBeauty/WomanWithin outfits (My dress here. Thanks Woman Within!). We visited the Met and enjoyed the “Badass Bitches of the Met” tour (courtesy of Museum Hack) with our badass tour guide Sara. Sara introduced us to women artists as well as Audrey Munson (Audrey is the inspiration/muse for several of the sculptures found around NYC and the world!).

Audrey Munson

After our trip to the museum, we swung by The Meatball Shop for lunch before heading down to the iPic Theater for a viewing of Girls Trip. On the ride there, we had the opportunity to learn a bit more about each other.

Being me. I’m the reason we can’t have nice things. xP

Although it was my second time watching the movie, it was extra special seeing it with a group of women. We sang and danced in our seats throughout the movie and tried to assign characters to each other (I’m Dina!). I went home realizing I don’t experience this kind of happiness often enough. Stay tuned for Day 2. We had even more fun!


One thought on “Blogger Boo Staycation- Day 1 (#21. Socialize More)

  1. You sexy b. I wanna dance with you soon! (Meara)


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