30 things before 30


Post Coheed and Cambria show. Photo by Marlena of Big City Curvy Girl Thin Wallet

Welcome to MadameFinehouse.com!

Today I turn 29. In the last decade I’ve joined the Army, been deployed to Iraq, got married (and divorced), had a baby, and modeled for New York Fashion week. Somewhere along the way I made a bucket list of sorts – 30 things I want to achieve by 30. This list is a work in progress but I wanted to share it with all of you.
1. Get comfortable becoming the center attention
2. Push beyond the comfort zone at least once a month
3. Start a blog
4. Learn to say no
5. Stop settling in relationships
6. Be a better parent
7. Create a resume writing workshop
8. Promotion!
9. Travel more
10. Dance in public
11. Hit 401k milestone
12. Define Spring/Summer style
13. Define Fall/Winter style
14. Go to a casting call
15. Post a cover to YouTube
16. Sing on a stage (not karaoke)
17. Learn to play an instrument
18. Seek vocal coaching
19. Be more interactive on social media
20. Spend more time learning
21. Socialize more
22. Start working on book
23. Choreographed dance
24. Be on TV
25. Schedule self care days
26. 8 beach days/year
27. Meditate/ Learn to be still
28. Speak on a panel
29. Get my first post sponsored
30. Learn to forgive

I value authenticity and want to extend that to the friends and community I’ve built through social media. Join me as I finish kicking this list’s ass (and share the stories of how I’ve completed the rest)in the next 365 days.


5 thoughts on “30 things before 30

  1. Keep writing!! Love it!!


  2. Wow msfinehouse…what a great read. Equal parts entertaining and inspiring. You’ve plotted quite an ambitious course for yourself, however…there’s no growth in playing it safe right?. I wish you well in your coming endeavors. I can’t shake the feeling that somehow I’ll see you at the top. Godspeed!


  3. This is awesome! I better see that cover soon!


  4. I’m ready to read more !!!! Keep writing girl !


  5. Such a great list! I think that you already are off to a great start! I can’t wait to see you knock it all out the park, boo!


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